Welcome to EMISA

“Coming together is a beginning, working together is a success.”

As a non-profit-making organisation EMISA represents the interests of independent manufacturers, suppliers and service providers operating in the marine diesel engine and related equipment markets.

Our aims are:

  • Free access to the market.
  • Fair competition.
  • Innovation to ensure long term sustainable transport solutions.
  • A regulatory framework which supports these aims.

Value for your membership:

  • Share experiences and knowledge, for example how to best counteract anti-competitive behaviour.
  • Access to our library of guidelines on specific issues such as Intellectual Property and IMO reference numbers. Click here for an overview of our brief guides.
  • We offer a patent research service.
  • Your company will be represented through EMISA when working with the EU, IMO, and other international organisations and national institutions.
  • Keep well informed about developments in the industry.
  • Networking opportunities through events and meeting organised by EMISA.

We seek to support our aim by coming in contact with organisations involved with the IMO, the EU, and other related national bodies and ministries.

In addition, we offer guidance and information on legal issues in order to prevent or protect members from becoming victims of aggressive anti-competitive actions whcih may be taken by some of the larger corporations in our industry. We provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences as well as to keep up with the latest developments in the industry.

As independent companies, our members offer value, reliabilityn and service, subscribing fully to our Code of Ethics.