Our Initiative

Independent companies offering spare parts and service are an integral part of any sector dealing with industrial machinery. We believe their existence is vital for maintaining free and fair competition and promoting the goals of innovation and sustainability.

We want to protect independent aftermarkets by establishing rules that allow companies to continue working independently and allow their customers to freely choose who they work with. We can achieve this by uniting the voices of independent aftermarkets from various sectors and approaching lawmakers with our proposal.

Digitalisation and industrial equipment

Industries worldwide are adopting digital technology, as it brings many benefits in regards to the maintenance and operation of industrial equipment. It allows equipment owners to gather and share valuable data, make informed decisions about maintenance and lower emissions.

At the same time, digitalisation, if not regulated properly, can result in the exclusion of independent operators from the market. We already see this happening in the maritime industry as modern marine engines are becoming difficult to access due to:

  • secret software passwords;
  • lack of interoperability with third-party software;
  • lack of access to the data generated by the equipment.

The same issue is arising in other sectors such as agriculture, transport, power generation and construction. The common factor in all these sectors is the use of industrial machinery with a long lifespan in a business-to-business context.

The Right to Repair is already a trending topic in the world of consumer goods. Consumers in various countries strive to have the freedom to repair their equipment as they see fit. We believe there should be similar protection in place in regards to industrial equipment as the backbone of industrial sectors worldwide.

The Alliance - our message

We want to protect the existence of independent companies as an integral part of the aftermarkets for various industrial machines. The existence of independent operators also means more choice for customers and ensures their freedom to choose who they work with, without becoming forced to work with a single provider.

Working with independent operators means:

  • good quality;
  • knowledge and expertise in certain equipment models or even specific parts;
  • minimising waste through reconditioning and remanufacturing, giving equipment a
    second life.

Our aim is to create an Alliance of organisations which represent the interests of independent operators. As an Alliance, we plan to approach the European Union with a proposal to establish rules ensuring independent operators can continue doing business in a digital world.

We are looking for Alliance member organisations that are:

  • representing the interests of independent aftermarket operators (not representing OEMs);
  • active in industrial machines/markets, related to products with a long lifespan;
  • active in B2B relations, which includes businesses as end-users, but excludes consumers.

The first step is bringing partner organisations together to formulate a common strategy and proposal. The next step is approaching lawmakers (e.g. the European Union and national institutions) to highlight the issue and work together towards a robust legal framework for the future of independent businesses.


If you want to learn more or join our Alliance, please contact us at info@emisa.eu or call +31 6 400 180 02.